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Things I like a lot Number 11

Love for Love:

Last night's Hole gig was amazing seriously the only complaint I had about last night was that there wasn't enough time for two encores. Truly I think everyone expected Courtney to be a hot mess but the set was together, beautiful, raw and emotive. Whether it's nostalgia for my youth being stood in a crowd shouting lyrics to Doll parts was pretty epic and amazing.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Things I Like A Lot Number 10

So when I'm not procrastinating by putting stuff up on here I am generally involved in trying to do as many creative projects as possible .This is a collaboration with my friends Joe Nigoghossian and Luke Newman super talented designer and photographer. Message me if you want to see more of their stuff they're both rad and watch this space for more collaborations to come.

Things I like a lot Number Nine

So I know Zooey Deschanel is pretty much the ultimate indie poster girl, but I still think this is beautiful. So nice to see designers using live music at their shows too. The theatre and sense of narrative in fashion has always been something I love and this is a beautiful way to create ambiance and add to the sense of performance